Treatments & Specialties

Cardio Vascular problems

Malfunctioning of circulatory system of human body can de-generate vital cells of the body. There is an excellent treatment for this condition in Ayurveda and the patients can be treated in the most effective way by careful administration of medicines internally at our centre.The problems of circulatory system de-generate the cells. Administering Ayurvedic medicine internally can regenerate these cells.We treat patients with Coronary Artery disorders effectively without surgery.

Peripheral Vascular diseases including (T.A.O)

Claudicating pain (intermittent pain in the calf muscle while walking) is the preliminary symptom of this disease. This mainly occurs as a result of chronic smoking.

T.A.O- Thrombo Angitis Obliterance(Burgers disease)

This disease effects badly on the circulatory system and develops blockages in the blood veins under the knee. Lack of blood supply due to these blocks cause sores on the toes and may turn gangrenous necessitating amputation of the leg. Occasional pain in the calf muscle while walking is an early indication of this disease among chronic smokers. T A O can be completely cured at this centre if the patients are treated as soon as the sores start appearing on the toe.


This patient was brought to our centre after infecting the second leg subsequent to the amputation of his other leg.


He came to our centre after prolonged allopathic treatment and losing his one leg. He was fully cured and the second leg was saved after our treatment.

Case III

This gangrene is due to bilateral femoral artery block (woman). Child with Peripheral Vascular Disease. It may affect both women and children even if they have no smoking habit.

We cure non-healing ulcers. We cure Diabetic gangrene at an early stage

Diabetic Gangrene associated with Diabetic Neuropathy and its associated ailments like, T.A.O and other peripheral vascular diseases.Mr. Podiyan suffering from T A O came to our centre after amputating one leg and the other leg also was effected. Dr. Bejoy saved his second leg and cured him within a short period of two months.

Effective treatment for non-healing ulcers

Contrary to the prevailing belief that cardiac muscles cannot be regenerated, our experiences over 12 years have proved that Re-vascularisation therapy practiced by us can effectively solve this problem. Our treatment involves consumption of Ayurvedic preparations internally associated with strictly controlled vegetarian food. Recent studies conducted by modern medical sciences have found that there are possibilities of re-generation of cardiac tissues and capillaries, which supports our findings.

We cure Osteo Arthritis (swelling and pain in joints)

Osteo Arthritis can be controlled if the treatment is started at the initial stage of its appearance. We have developed treatment procedures to arrest further development of this condition and prevent complications.If one comes at an early stage, for treatment before the erosion of the bone- ends starts we can prevent further complications.We have immense experiences of treating number of patients with acute swelling and pain at all joints like knee, hip, heel etc. De-generation of vertebrae, cervical spondylitis and other rheumatic ailments are few other health problems, which we can effectively treat.

We treat Diabetes.

Diabetes is another health ailment that we treat with promising results. It is observed that the blood circulation in the arteries of lower limbs retards in diabetic patients considerably causing number of problems. Patients get total relief from this condition after undergoing our treatment.