Role of Ayurveda in Ischemic Heart disease

A Novel Treatment for Blockage of Coronary Arteries by Dr. T.K. Bejoy . B.A.M.S of Ayurvedic Research Centre, Kottiyam, Kollam District Of Kerala state,South India.

Findings of his third stage of investigations

85% of the patients with Angina who approached us for treatment have been recovered and are able to lead a normal life. T.M.T, Echocardiogram and other tests of these patients recorded prior to and after the treatment are available as proof for our claim.

Patients treated by Dr.Bejoy include Mr. N.S Deve of Bombay, Mr. George native of Ooty, Mr. Sohan Singh of Punjab, etc. All these patients are now able to lead a normal life. It is noteworthy that certain patients recommended for by-pass surgery have recovered by our Ayurvedic treatment. A typical example is fifty-four year old Mr. Kannan Nair of Ottapalam who is now leading a very normal life doing all his daily chores comfortably. Patients who undergo allopathic treatment have to be under constant medication for the rest of their life. A single vessel blockage may turn to be a triple vessel block. Expensive surgery does not assure one of permanent cure. In some cases blood vessels get blocked even after by-pass surgery. Realising these hurdles, heart patients can turn to alternative treatment like the one available at Dr. Bejoy's Ayurvedic Research Centre.

In certain cases, Dr. Bejoy will be able to treat the patient even without personally seeing him if complete symptoms and details can be intimated to him accurately. Ayurvedic doctors specialising in vascular treatment are rarely found. The patients who have recovered through his treatment prove the success of his medicines. Dr.Tomy an allopathic doctor from Madras, who had undergone balloon angioplasty, was in despair before he heard of Dr. Bejoy and took his treatment. Now he is able to walk longer distances without chest pain.* Mr.N.C Menon now in America suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease was treated for three months by Dr.Bejoy. Further tests have proved that his condition has improved considerably. Hypertension has been brought to normal. Another similar case is of fifty eight year old Mr. Rahim, native of Peroor, Kollam who has expereinced remarkable improvement in hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.

In Diabetes mellitus there will be microangiopathy. Ayurvedic drugs can improve microcirculation and thus prevent ischaemea. Diabetes is not dangerous provided it is controlled effectively. It is when the blood flow to the central nervous system is obstructed that paralysis and numbness of limbs occur. Heart patients with diabetes are more prone to attacks than ordinary heart patients.

Reports about Dr. Bejoy have been published in number of leading newspapers and other popular publications of India and abroad. Eighty six year old lady Mrs. Rubab Laila of Bombay who had block of blood vessels on both legs, contacted Dr.Bejoy and after his treatment the colour Doppler test showed revival of blood flow in the blocked vessels. Raja matha Vijaya Raje Scindia had been to Kottiyam for Dr. Bejoys treatment. Mr. Vasudeva Naik, a cashew dealer of Bangalore suffering from Diabetic neuropathy has also been successfully treated.Modern diagnostic devices can be helpful in bringing to light the efficacy of Ayurvedic medicines. But less expensive and more qualitative diagnostic devices are yet to be explored.A three months course of medicines is necessary for mild ischaemic heart disease and for serious conditions. The course may last for 6-12 months. Patients who come for Ayurvedic treatmet are mostly those who have reached a desperate stage after a prolonged Allopathic treatment. Improvement and cure is possible through regular medication. But for triple vessel disease, 100% blocks and for chronically weak hearts, a complete cure cannot be expected.

The main result of this Ayurvedic treatment is "neocapillarisation'' which will help to reduce the ischaemia. Naturally there will be formation of collateral circulation, but Aurvedic treatment will speed up this process. These medicines have a clot reducing effect also to some extent. In diffused type of coronary artery disease surgical intervention is not good. In such cases Ayurvedic treatment is the choice. In diabetic patients with coronary artery disease this treatment will prevent silent ischaemea. Diabetic neuropathy, brain attack, lacunar infarction etc can be prevented. After by-pass surgery, angioplasty etc this treatment is good to avoid re-occlusion. Many patients who were advised immediate by-pass surgery are now living in good health after taking Ayurvedic treatment.

Hypertension can be controlled with this treatment and the medicines, which are used for reducing blood pressure and heart rate, can be gradually stopped. This reveals that these medicines have the power to maintain the elasticity of the wall of the blood vessels. Rate of progress of arteriosclerosis can be arrested with this treatment Effort tolerance of patients taking this treatment is improving and this shows that the coronary blood flow is maintained according to demand.Long term result in angioplasty, atherectomy and by-pass surgery is rare. These herbal medicines have the least side effects and have long-term result also. The chance of re-occlusion is greater in surgical procedures making injuries to coronary artery. Restenosis of the coronary vessels is the result of injury inflicted on the vessel wall during an intervention and subsequent biological healing process. Ayurvedic treatment is more effective in cases, which had no previous surgical intervention. Procedures like Angioplasty are more effective in large lumen size vessels and so less effective in the case of Asians who have narrow lumen size.

An allopathy hospital is also attached to the centre under the doctorship of Mrs. Letha (M.B.B.S) who is Dr.Bejoy's wife. She enhances the range of treatment available to the patients.

Role of Ayurveda in Peripheral Vascular diseases (Blockage of Arteries in the limbs)

The new Ayurvedic formula may prove to be a boon to the medical world, which is in the final stage of development and can be very helpful in critical stages of cardiovascular treatment. Angiogram tests after ayurvedic treatment have proved successful in the re-establishment of circulation among patients having peripheral vascular diseases.

Mr.Vijayan of Karunagapally is a living proof of such a case. Dr.Bejoy could prevent the amputation of his ulcerous leg. The circulation can be re-established in a short time. This treatment is accessible to the common man as it is simple, inexpensive and does not require surgery. Patients who lead a normal and healthy life after the treatment are a proof of the efficacy of this Ayurvedic treatment.Angiography is an expensive as well as risky affair. It can't show the blocks in the capillaries, nor can it find whether new capillaries are being formed. Even when the angiogram reads normal, patients may continue to have discomfort, Mr.Sasidharan of Punthalathazham is an example of this case. The doctors were of the opinion that his sores would heal once he stopped smoking. But even after he stopped smoking and prolonged usage of medicines, the sores did not heal. Sasidharan was cured by Dr. Bejoy. Mr.Vijayan of Karunagapally and Mr. Chellappan of Punthalathazham are instances of similar cases treated and cured. Vascular diseases are found even in women who are not used to smoking. Santhamma of Trivandrum and Mrs. Padma the wife of the famous writer Vyshakhan have been treated and cured by Dr Bejoy.

When a blood vessel is blocked in any limb of the body a parallel circulation is to be expected and a healthy condition follows. Ayurvedic medicines can augment the formation of this parallel circulation. These drugs will enhance the generation of collateral circulation. We can improve the collateral Circulation by using Vascular medicine to overcome the Ischemic changes if the treatment starts at a proper time.

New Ayurvedic Remedy and Treatment for Rheumatic Degeneration of Vertebrae and Bone-joints.

Dr. Bejoy, also specialises in the use of ancient formulae, which can prevent rheumatic degeneration of vertebrae and joints. According to Dr.Bejoy, who works at a modest Ayurvedic Research Centre at Kottiyam in Kollam district of Kerala state, the original formula was used in ancient times to cure paralysis. By further researching on this formulae, he modified it to be effecting for degenerative bone diseases. The formula is completely safe since versions of it have been in use for thousands of years.

Rheumatism affects people in their middle age and above. Women are more prone to this condition. 60% of women are suffering from rheumatism and complains about pain and swelling in the knee, pain in the ankles, heels and shoulders, puffiness and over weight. These are primary symptoms of rheumatic diseases. These symptoms are felt acutely only by 20%, and mildly by nearly 30% of the affected. If the inflammation is felt at the hips and neck in the case of men, it is in the knee joints and heels and hips that women experience the same. It is not possible to detect these initial onset symptoms by X'-ray. A blood test cannot also reveal the disease. It is only by experience and by observation of symptoms that a doctor can detect it. This rheumatic degeneration, unless it is treated properly in the initial stage, may cause life long suffering. It will lead to discomfort and deformation. X - Ray can show the already effected degeneration and complications. But treatment should be based more on symptoms. There are several kinds of rheumatic complaints. In the case of Osteo Arthiritis (OA), the level of E.S.R. or uric acid may not rise. There may not also be rheumatoid factor. Pain and swelling are the main signs. Pain and swelling need not be there in every case of O.A. It is among the housewives that this disease is common and not in those who have enough exercise such as running or other athletic routine.

This disease is rarely found in a person who keeps his body fit by regular exercises. If the posture of the body is not taken care of while being engaged in different kinds of physical labour, there can be a lack of body harmony. This can cause aggravation of 'vayu' and lead to degeneration of the joints. It is in the knee joints that women experience this complaint. The cartilage between the knee bones gets worn out and the knee gets bent to the sides. Inappropriate massages and heating, applications of heated oil, may do more harm than good. Internal medicine must be administered before external applications begin, otherwise a kind of hardness can occur in the joints and the flexibility of the knee joints will diminish. One may find it difficult to bend and stretch his knees.X-ray pictures of those affected by Osteo Arthritis show degeneration of discs and spike-like projections at the tip of the discs. These accretions are called "Osteophytes". Moreover the neural canal is subjected to compression owing to the protrusion of the cartilage between the discs.

Backache is caused by the muscle spasm. The inflammation of this region can also cause pain. Pain may also be caused by nerve irritation. Early detection of the disease and diet-restricted treatment is very important for cure. Therefore when the symptoms of swelling, over weight, joint pain, pain in the shoulder bone, neck, knees, ankles etc. appear, the treatment should start. Usually patients resort to painkillers and the degeneration of cartilage will increase and end up in permanent deformity. It may result in an incurable condition. Acute pain may be felt only under a complicated state. The pain may be intermittent and may be felt after an interval of two or three days. One tends to think that the disease has subsided, as the pain is not consistent. This negligence will lead to a severe condition. This disease is centered round joints especially those areas which are subjected to heavy weight. The symptoms are pain in the neck, in the knee or the heels on waking up or a mixed feeling of ailments.

Patients suffering from O.A. are advised to reduce the intake of sea-fish. Restriction of diet is essential for successful treatment. When the disease affects the calcaneum, the complication is called "Calcaneal Spur". It may reach an incurable stage, when the knees swell and the bone faces assume scraper like edges at the joints through the degeneration of cartilage. Severe pain will be felt and the knee bones will get bent like bows to the sides. Treatment at this stage may prove useless. The ligaments that bind the discs will become stiff and the vertebrae will become inflexible as a result of this disease. This too has no complete cure.Ayurvedic treatment can at least prevent further deterioration and complication. As acute pain may not be felt in every case of degeneration, one must think of starting treatment at the very initial stage. Rheumatic degeneration can effect deformity of the cervical disc. A fundamental treatment can check this deterioration. It is recommended that the patients having symptoms of rheumatic arthritis should be alert to have it detected and treated by experts at the initial or at least at the early stage rather than wait till complications set in and end up in permanent damage.

Mrs. Bhargavi was suffering from low backache for more than 5 years and she was treated at various hospitals. MRI scan done at Sree Chitra Tirunal Hospital,Trivandrum revealed severe degenerative changes in the lumbar vertebrae and doctors said that surgery was not of use in her case. Then she took Ayurvedic treatment from here and found remarkable improvement in her symptoms. She has been leading a painless, normal life for the last 3 years. Mrs. Gowrikutty Amma from Kundara, Muhammed from Perumbavoor Etc. are living proofs of people who have undergone this treatment successfully. 60% of the population in the world, after middle age are victims of Osteo Arthritis. In allopathy there is no specific treatment available for Osteo Arthris, and these patients depend on pain - killers which have lots of side effects.

Sports Medicines

We have effective medicines in Ayurveda to improve and maintain the stamina for sports men. We can improve the muscle power by giving Thirummal ( massage using hands and feet) The medicines of Osteo arthritis can also be used as sports medicine to mitigate the erosion of bones.

Role of Ayurveda in the treatment of AIDS

If the treatment starts at an early stage of the disease, we can undeniably improve the declining immunity by giving herbal medicines developed in our research centre.


Our research centre has also developed a special medicine for fevers called 'Anchina Jwara Nashini'.