Preventive Treatment For Health

Ayurveda prescribes three courses of treatment for a person to be completely healthy. They are called, Swasthahitham, Rasayanam, and Vajeekaranam. The first one, Swasthahitham, is meant for preserving one's health, the second one, Rasayanam, is meant for improving immunity to diseases and the third one, Vajeekarnam aims at maintaining the sexual power of human being.

Panchkarma is a therapeutic process in Ayurveda which is carried out for purifying the body and mind before undertaking any of the above treatments.

Peripheral Vascular diseases including (T.A.O)

Claudicating pain (intermittent pain in the calf muscle while walking) is the preliminary symptom of this disease. This mainly occurs as a result of chronic smoking.

Panchakarma includes

Vamanam: Inducing the patient to vomit by giving medicines for purifying the respiratory system
Virechanam: Inducing loose motion by giving purgative medicines
Nasyam: Application of medicine through the nostrils to cure all the ailments of the nose, ear, throat and head
Vasthi: Application of medicine through the anus
Rakthamoksha: Purification of blood

Poorvakarma includes

Pizhichil:Massaging of the whole body after external application of medicated oil on the whole body
Dhara : A slow stream of medicated oil is applied on the forehead for a prescribed time
Swedam : It is performed for sweating the body and there are different methods adopted for this
Elakizhi : Sweating the body using herbal leaves and oil
Dhanyakizhi: Sweating the body using food grains
Njavarakizhi: Sweating the body using seeds of Njavara
This treatment aims at recharging your body tissues with new vigour and energy. The treatment involves massaging the body with medicated oil and natural herbal creams.


Pizhichil is an Ayurvedic procedure in which warm medicated oil is applied all over the body with a "Kizhi" (a ball of linen soaked in this oil) and hand massaging is done by experienced masseurs from either side of the body. This action stimulates the blood circulation in the body and rejuvenates the patient. This procedure being an enjoyable experience, lot many people from all over the world comes here for undergoing this treatment.


Dhara is well known for its special effect on patients with mental fatigue, restlessness, lack of memory, insomnia, chronic head ache, ear and nose ailments, neuropathy, spondilytis and paraplegia. The process involves gentle application of continuous stream of medicated oil, milk or buttermilk on the head for a prescribed time. The procedure has to be repeated for 14 days to get complete relief from the above problems.


In Ayurveda, head is considered as "Uthamanga", the most vital part of the body. Comparison of the body is done with an inverted tree. All organs are compared with branches of this tree and the head is considered to contain the roots. In Sirovasti, a leather cap is fastened to the head and medicated oil is poured and retained there over the head for about 45 minutes. This procedure significantly enhances the eyesight, memory and mental abilities of the individual.


Application of medicated paste on the scalp to relieve mental tensions.

Marmachikitsa (Oil Massage)

Uzhichil: This is again an oil massaging therapy done by well trained and experienced masseurs using their hand and feet. This treatment comes under Marma Chikitsa. It is observed that there are 107 marmas (vital points) in our body. It is proved that stimulating these points restores the lost rhythm of the body. It is done by practicing medicines internally and applying medicated oil and massaging. During massaging controlled pressure is applied on these Marmas by the skilled masseurs.

Rasayana Chikitsa.

Rasayana Chikitsa is aimed at improving your "Ojas", primary vitality and "Satwa", mental clarity. The procedures followed in this category of treatments concentrates on the purification of "Marga" (path) through which all the "Dhadhus"(elements) are intended to flow. It substantially improves the immunity of the body and increases the longevity of the life. It retards the aging process and helps to retain the youth. It is advised to undergo this treatment before the middle age.

Nature of Therapy Duration Tariff
Rs. US$
Pizhichil 7 Days 15,000 375
Dhara 7 Days 10,000 250
Njavarakizhi 7 Days 8000 200
Sirovasti 7 Days 9000 225
Sirolepa 7 Days 5000 125
Oil Massage 3 Days 3000 70
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