The new Ayurvedic formula may prove to be a boon to the medical world, which is in the final stage of development and can be very helpful in critical stages of cardiovascular treatment. Angiogram tests after ayurvedic treatment have proved successful in the re-establishment of circulation among patients having peripheral vascular diseases.

Mr.Vijayan of Karunagapally is a living proof of such a case. Dr.Bejoy could prevent the amputation of his ulcerous leg. The circulation can be re-established in a short time. This treatment is accessible to the common man as it is simple, inexpensive and does not require surgery. Patients who lead a normal and healthy life after the treatment are a proof of the efficacy of this Ayurvedic treatment.Angiography is an expensive as well as risky affair. It can't show the blocks in the capillaries, nor can it find whether new capillaries are being formed. Even when the angiogram reads normal, patients may continue to have discomfort, Mr.Sasidharan of Punthalathazham is an example of this case. The doctors were of the opinion that his sores would heal once he stopped smoking. But even after he stopped smoking and prolonged usage of medicines, the sores did not heal. Sasidharan was cured by Dr. Bejoy. Mr.Vijayan of Karunagapally and Mr. Chellappan of Punthalathazham are instances of similar cases treated and cured. Vascular diseases are found even in women who are not used to smoking. Santhamma of Trivandrum and Mrs. Padma the wife of the famous writer Vyshakhan have been treated and cured by Dr Bejoy.

When a blood vessel is blocked in any limb of the body a parallel circulation is to be expected and a healthy condition follows. Ayurvedic medicines can augment the formation of this parallel circulation. These drugs will enhance the generation of collateral circulation. We can improve the collateral Circulation by using Vascular medicine to overcome the Ischemic changes if the treatment starts at a proper time.